During his fight with Issei in Volume 8, he could use his Power of Destruction and magic skills in different ways to neutralize Issei's attacks and easily corner him. Status Open!" Flight: Being a Devil, Sirzechs can fly using his wings. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T READ THE LIGHT NOVELS! Shizuka ) Akeno Himejima (姫島 朱乃 Himejima Akeno) is the Second-in-Command of the Gremory group. Sirzechs is also the husband of Grayfia Lucifuge and the father of Millicas Gremory. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. If the explanation in volume 23 is still valid, this mean that Ise will use his true AxA form, when he master his DXD . The pairing for this story … Serafall Leviathan is the current Satan with the title of "Leviathan" and one of the Four Great Satans in charge of the Underworld. In fact, along with Ajuka Beelzebub and Rizevim Livan Lucifer, he is one of three Devils considered Super Devils, with their powers and abilities transcending beyond the boundaries of the regular Devils, far exceeding even those of the Four Original Satans. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 History 4 Powers and Abilities 5 Equipment 6 Trivia Chiya appears as a tall, lean-built and aloof young man in his late teens. VS Battles Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Serafall could only nod her head under the strong gaze. The power level varies a lot in this class from guys like Loki to Artemis. "Not. He likes to use the powers of Darkness to torture people by making them see the "Shadows of Shadows" or "True Darkness" which makes them go insane. Continues on from Continues on to Jump to:Part 1. Sirzechs is considered as a siscon because of his deep love for his younger sister, Rias Gremory, and as an overprotective and loving father for his son Milicas Gremory. Male 72 Pillars Gremory Clan (Formerly) Anti-Satan Faction (Formerly) Four Great Satans (Formerly) Satan Rangers (Formerly) Three Factions (Underworld; Former King) Azazel Cup (Co-Founder) If the explanation in volume 23 is still valid, this mean that Ise will use his true AxA form, when he master his DXD . He is also the childhood friend and rival of Ajuka Beelzebub, both being extremely powerful. This page is a list of unique/semi-unique terms and names for translators and editors to maintain consistency with. Regarding reputation, is it true that Lord Serafall is going to destroy the relationship between the two? Junichi Suwabe (Japanese)Alex Organ (English, Season 1-3) Christopher Wehkamp (English, Season 4 Onwards) . 3 Comments. Ranking In Funimation's subtitles, Sirzechs' name is misspelt as. "Gate. Moe | Family RENDERS: DxD - [Idol VII] Serafall Leviathan 2/3 [Character] Serafall Leviathan High-School DxD. I — Azazel, and Barakiel were currently together in the capital city of the Dev ... See More by FarRamm. Sirzechs is over two hundred years old, having reincarnated. Humorously, when he's up to his usual antics, the mere mention of his wife's name is enough to make him apologize immediately. Featured in collections. She did so much for him, yet here he was resenting her for thinking well for him. Ise CXC should be Ddragi level when it fully mastered and his true DXD mode will Dragon god level like Vali´s DXD L . Alive (Sealed) Life! High School DxD - Volume 25 Chapter 2High School DxD:Volume 25 Life 1; High School DxD - Volume 24 Chapter 6.2HighSchool DxD Volume 24 (Secret Talks) High School DxD - Volume 24 Chapter 6.1HighSchool DxD Volume 24 (Artificial Transcendental) High School DxD - Volume 24 Chapter 7HighSchool DxD Volume 24 (Afterword) His peerage is said to be the strongest group in the Underworld. Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Sirzechs is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat. 17K Views. > The tone was also a little cold, Tenraku said lightly. The third season of the High School DxD anime television series, High School DxD BorN (ハイスクール D×D (ディーディー) BorN (ボーン), Haisukūru Dī Dī Bōn), was directed by Tetsuya Yanagisawa and produced by TNK. Volume 21, Last.DxD Ani and Otouto — United Front —. The God of the Realm of the Dead, Hades-sama. Eye Color Sirzechs fell in love at first sight with the silver-haired beauty. Log In. Grabbing her shoulders, he … His father, Zeoticus, has stated that Sirzechs and Ajuka's immense power made it so that there was no other position worthy for them besides being Satans[1]. In the aftermath of Rizevim's death and the end of the Evil Dragon War, DxD has been reorganized into a peacekeeping force to defend the mythological world from those who would threaten the balance of the world such as Hades and the Alliance of Hell. They would meet in secret during the Devil Civil War. Not even a few minutes later, and the sound of battle had already seized. When Sirzechs was born, he floated in the air releasing the Power of Destruction which was so powerful even when he was a newborn, it could disintegrate or deform surrounding furniture and decoration without a trace. Devious Collection 2 by viewer67. Voice Actor The two of them eventually married each other after the end of the conflict between the Old Satan Faction and the Anti Satan Faction. He also had power to reshoot the attacks charged at him and did the very same thing which made the heads of houses of Agarialept and Fluretti fall on their knees. He is the former heir to the Gremory Clan, the eldest child of Zeoticus Gremory and Venelana Gremory and the older brother of Rias Gremory. It has been mentioned by Ajkua in volume 23, that AXA is resulted or product, because Ise was reborn with. Sirzechs was originally the intended heir of the House of Gremory until he became the Satan Lucifer, passing the right to his younger sister Rias. Endless Plunder in High School DxD Chapter 0390. By OtakuRenders-Service Watch. Glaring up at Serafall, she gasped. Instead of seeing a raging beast, out for blood, she saw a kind soul, looking for his people. Anime Series: Highschool dxd (Seasons 1-4) Notice Sep 15, 2018 - Explore Survival Gaming's board "High School DxD", followed by 711 people on Pinterest. That was the first time Grayfia had seen that form. 68 Likes, 12 Comments - Serafall Leviathan (@serafall_leviathan_dxd) on Instagram: “This is my true form do you like it?” They have agreed to it. He also has a very laid-back personality, preferring to do things at his own pace and causing his wife to punish him for it. Highschool DxD (Seasons 1-4) Sources: Google Images and Pinterest: Notice: The height, weight, and such of the scared gear is a rough estimate, it is not the true form it is just the gauntlet form. サーゼクス・ルシファー (current) サーゼクス・グレモリー (former) Highschool DxD:Serafall Leviathan Cute Nurse PNG Mid-Tier Gods – This is the level for normal battle Gods. True, she was happy to get help, but the fact that it was from strange forces troubled her. Chiya Sitri is the main protagonist of a future fanfiction story by Ichigo Oga. Sirzechs' name is derived from the names of two characters from the Gundam TV series, Sirzechs claimed in Volume 6 that he once dreamed of being a musician, which was fulfilled when he composed the Oppai Dragon song to deactivate Issei's. Sirzechs Lucifer, formerly known as Sirzechs Gremory, is the older brother of Rias Gremory, and the leader of the Four Great Satans who rules the Underworld with the title of "Lucifer". Sirzechs, at the time, was an ace of the Anti-Satan faction alongside Ajuka and was even called a Hero. Of. However, Sirzechs does have a serious side, which he has only revealed twice: during his fight against Creuserey Asmodeus and his confrontation with Hades. He has shoulder length crimson red hair and blue-green eyes inherited from his father, Zeoticus, similar to Rias. Serafall twirled and pointed her wand at Aster, who was panting heavily and barely supporting herself on the ground. This was the decisive moment, the reason Serafall was here. Master Technician: Issei has noted that Sirzechs is a technique type fighter that polishes and masters all of his demonic powers and skills to dispatch enemies efficiently. ), she is the Vice-President of the Occult Research Club, and her rank is "Queen". black dxd hair highschool nurse serafall_leviathan. Relatives YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. 'High School DxD' Profile: Sirzechs Lucifer. In fact, Issei has described him as the male version of Rias.In his true form, Sirzechs takes the form of the Power of Destruction in the shape of a human with crimson aura. Demon God Of Destruction (highschool dxd oc) Action. At 17 years old, in the Gremory castle town's public hall, Sirzechs would play piano and sing nursery rhymes with children. (self-proclaimed) Clown Satan Red (in Azazel Quest) Sirzechs owns a crimson sports car that has a simple design, but an elegant look. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Attending a social gathering attended by Beelzebub's relative, he got into a fight with the prince by protecting the heir of Oriax until Grayfia intervened. Sirzechs is the only person among the devils who was able to make a sacred creature into his servant. The Legend of Oppai Dragon and his Lively Companions, Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth × White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star: The True Dragon(s) of the Kuoh Academy, https://highschooldxd.fandom.com/wiki/Sirzechs_Lucifer?oldid=234986. Master Magician: According to Akeno, Sirzechs is an ultimate Wizard-Technique type fighter. Yet they are more than enough to destroy several countries. In True Volume 4, he fell into a coma due to suffering from the sleeping disease, thus forcing his daughter Sona Sitri to quit her position as a member of Team DxD so she could become the Head of the Sitri Clan.. Lady Sitri Edit. D×D is a team formed to combat Rizevim Livan Lucifer and the Khaos Brigade. Serafall Leviathan is the current Satan with the title of "Leviathan" and one of the Four Great Satans in charge of the Underworld. Serafall:"You're a kind man, aren't you?" See more ideas about Dxd, Highschool dxd, High school. The ones left standing were Serafall, Lukas, the mole, and the Anti-Satan soldiers that managed to survive. In this form his hair is black and his eyes are red. *Crrk! Affiliations Sirzechs loves to play the role of "Satan Red" with the "Maou Squadron". It has been a while. Upon seeing Sirzechs' True Form for the first time, Ddraig felt so awed at his strength that he called him a true monster, a further testament to Sirzechs' power[2]. Instantly, the train car was encased within her greatly enforced ice. Known as the "Priestess of Thunder" (雷の巫女 Ikazuchi no Miko? DxD Season 1-3 This also a multicrossover series. Nicknames Name: Serafall Leviathan, Serafall Sitri (former), Satan Girl, Satan Pink, Ultimate Female Devil, Levi-tan, Wizard Levi, Greatest Female Devil, Age: Around 560 years old (Fought 60 years on the Devil Civil War, which ended before 1535 per Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa's status as Zeoticus' Bishop), Classification: Pure-Blooded Devil, One of the Four Great Satans, Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Aura, Magic, Flight, Longevity, Binding, Summoning, Shapeshifting, Teleportation, Energy Projection, Illusion Creation, Enhanced Senses, Forcefield Creation, Ice Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Sleep Manipulation, Lightning Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation, Extrasensory Perception, Creation (Devils can create things out of thin air depending on their imagination), Non-Physical Interaction (Can damage intangible and non-corporeal entities such as ghosts and spirits), Spatial Manipulation (Casually made a large hole in space-time, creating a 'dimensional gap' along with Grayfia and the other Satans), Resistance to Memory Manipulation (Devils retained their memories after Raynare wiped the memories of everyone who knew about her human disguise), Attack Potency: Island level (Comparable to Maou-class individuals. Sirzechs is the only current Satan to have killed multiple Old Satan descendants, as he killed multiple members of multiple Satan clans; such as Bidleid Bashalun Beelzebub and the Unnamed Beelzebub Descendant from the Beelzebub Clan, and Damaidosu Zereikel Asmodeus and Creusery Asmodeus from the Asmodeus Clan. Join the community to add your comment. Sirzechs eliminates Creuserey Asmodeus by using Ruin the Extinct. Yet. Sirzechs is a handsome man who seems to be in his early 20's. The result of the quarrel was the fleeing of the Satan faction to the end of the Underworld, and the creation of the current Devil society. Voiced by:Shizuka It? Romaji Power of Destruction Blue-Green Hiro felt like a bastard to lash out at Serafall. In his true form, Sirzechs takes the form of the Power of Destruction in the shape of a human with crimson aura. High School D×D is a Light Novel series written by Ichiei Ishibumi, illustrated by Miyama-Zero and published by Fujimi Shobo that has been adapted into a manga (with a Lighter and Softer Spin-Off titled Asia and Koneko's Secret Contracts) and a popular anime produced by TNK which continued with a fourth season premiering in April 2018, this time animated by Passione. Serafall glanced back to the girls, before she shot out her seat, throwing both arms up. Gender Crimson Red HOT Girls by SharkDragon22. He has shoulder length crimson red hair and blue-green eyes inherited from his father, Zeoticus, similar to Rias. Etiquetas. This page is for the characters that appear in High School DxD. Unnamed Great-Grandfather Unnamed Great-Grandmother Unnamed Grandfather Unnamed Grandmother Zeoticus Gremory (Father)Venelana Gremory (Mother)Rias Gremory (Younger Sister)Millicas Gremory (Son)Grayfia Lucifuge (Wife)Sairaorg Bael (Cousin)Magdaran Bael (Cousin) Lord Bael (Uncle)Misla Bael (Aunt-In-Law) Unnamed Second Aunt-In-Law Euclid Lucifuge (Brother-In-Law) Zekram Bael (Ancestor) Sirzechs is revealed to have a perverted side which is directed solely toward Grayfia, as he stated to Issei that he is free from distraction when he gropes his wife's breasts. The light novel, manga, and anime series High School DxD features a diverse cast of characters. She thought that maybe there was still hope for this soul, but she didn't expect the next answer.